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Institute of Aromatherapy-Enhancement Pte Ltd
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Also Available in Singapore
1. Mustafa Centre Pharmacy Dept - 24 hrs
2. Barakah Jamu Centre -All outlets
3. Apollo Sellapas Dept - Dunlop Street
4. Aromatherapy Clinic & Spa - 01-08 Grandlink Sq, 511 Guillemards Rd
5. Everyman Departmental Store
6. Haniffa Departmental Store
7. Myoutlet Halal Hub
8.Mayur Departmental Store

1. Dubai
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Aromatherapy Pregnancy & Discomfort Massage  

Mums-to-Be want to be pampered too. It is an important time for you and your baby and we sometimes forget too think about ourselves.

Using only our aromatherapy massage oils that are 100% safe for you and your baby, you are sure to relax and unwind. Massage from top to toes. A beautiful time for you and your baby.

There are pressure points on the ankles and wrists that when massage in a certain way, they can stimulate the uterus and caused contraction in a woman that is at risk. These points are should be massage very lightly. If you have experience contraction like braxton-Hicks contractions let your massage therapist know, so that she can make sure to apply the correct pressure and avoid touching these pressure points. Also if you have medical condition like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, or others, please talk to your health care provider prior to receiving a massage during pregnancy.

Pre Natal Massage Corrective Massage (Discomfort During Pregnancy)
Our  treatments are available to give you and your baby some tender loving care to melt away tensions and ease aches & pains, fatigue or any discomfort i.e nausea, Short of breath, Sciatica, Backache, Water retention etc.
Massage is usually useful because pregnant women are often unable to take many medication are normaly used to manage common problems.

During massage, we actually alter the sensation of pain by stimulating skin receptors connected to the brain. Such stimulation helps the mother's body secrete oxytocin, which make the uterus contract, and endorphins, which reduce pain. To enhance the discomfort during pregnancy, the corrective massage to be applied to each aches and pain and is completely safe for both mother and fetus. If you have any discomfort during pregnancy, we specialized in corrective massage. Click to our separate treatment
1. Back pain
2. Sciatica pain
3. Shortness of Breath
4. Leg Cramps/Swollen
5. Nausea/Morning Sickness discomfort
6. Diastasis Recti overstretch
7. Face & Body Edema
8. Perineum muscle

Strictly By Appointment
Tel: +6568484146 or Watsapp | SMS : +6584340017

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The only Institute of Aromatherapy Enhancement Pte Ltd (IAE Pte Ltd) and Aromatherapy Clinic and Day Care  in Singapore, to beautify yourself and immerse yourself thru inner beauty. This traditional treatment is to release your stress and tension, any negativity, enhance your aura and inner self by cleansing and purifying using Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oils and to lift up your spirit and to standout from many other choices that customers will have.

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