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Institute of Aromatherapy-Enhancement Pte Ltd
Distribution Centre
#03-06 Grandlink Square
511 Guillemard Road

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Mastering Javanese Massage Techniques and Skills

Introduceing new course in aromatherapy-jamu womb massage and Womb Wrapping.
During the workshop you will learn the importance of Reproductive System of womb and position which effect on your health.
and that lead to Fertility.

To perform a self-help massage whilst be guided. This journey to meet and get connected to your womb that will be taken to a
creative session, where women will get in touch with their own womb and use arts and crafts to bring their womb to be energetic
and life, whilst sharing and healing with other participants.

Our workshop/course is open to bothe "practicing therapist" and individual who have an interest to learn this skill. This indepth
workshop will lead you step-by-step through the treatment sequence and teach you everything you need to know in oder to become
a Professional i your field. No previous knowledge is required to study this subject, we train our students from beginner to practitioner/
therapist level.

Therapists that choose to practise in womb-fertility massage ideally are open to passionate and reconnected to their womb internally and
the feeling of warmest which connect to their a heart-mind- womb connection, enabling them to reflect the true art of this massage to your

Workshop consist 2 parts:
- Theory - Understanding how womb massage help with womb/uteres and fertility issues

-  Reproductive Anatomy and experience benefits from womb  massage and wrapping.

- Practical mastering art and skills methods in aromatherapy & javanese womb massage - 

- Alternative treatments therapies
  -  Navel Candle Therapy
  -  Cupping (Bekam) Option
  - Ritual Flower bath/Shower
  -  Hydrotherapy
  -  Supplement Diets and Herbs, Healthy lifestyle,

Course/Workshop Training Duration: 5 days
Time: 10am to 5pm

Training Course Fee: $900.00 exclude GST
Membership Therapist are entitle 10% discount
Please Join Us and register Now

Date Commence:
Jan/Feb  2019

We welcome foreign students and overseas training

Please Register 1-3 month before class commence.

How to enrol:
First email or submit your Contact Form between working hour 10am to 5pm, Singapore time (weekdays only) if you have further question.
Once you have been accepted onto the course, follow the set below:
- Check the correct deposit amount from the enclosed information sheet.
- Fill in the enclosed application form.
_ Send your CV with passport photo, your completed and signed enrolment form and your cheque or NETS/Cash  Receipts.

- A Student Guidebook will be given  during commencement of training.
- Other reference books will be available for purchase.
- Massage Couches, Aromatherapy Massage Oils will be provided while on the course/workshop
- Please ask for price list and order form on enrolment or retail welcome.

For enquiries:

For more info: or
Tel/WA/SMS: +6583378332/+6584340017
Office Hour: Tel 68484146 

01-08 Grandlink Square, 511 Guillemard Road (Off Lorong 44 Geylang Road/Next to City Plaza)
Singapore 399849
MRT : Paya Lebar
Bus: NO 7, 197, 70



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The only Institute of Aromatherapy Enhancement Pte Ltd (IAE Pte Ltd) and Aromatherapy Clinic and Day Care  in Singapore, to beautify yourself and immerse yourself thru inner beauty. This traditional treatment is to release your stress and tension, any negativity, enhance your aura and inner self by cleansing and purifying using Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oils and to lift up your spirit and to standout from many other choices that customers will have.

Lends credibility to your IAE Pte Ltd,  Aromatherapy Clinic and Day Care and Mariati Products through a stringent set of Standards and Practices.

The Most Outstanding Service in Natural Aromatherapy Flower Bath to outshine your Aura and Inner Beauty a fusion of Aromatherapy and Jamu (Herbs) Juice.

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