We specially this Pre Natal and Post Natal Gift Sets for your convenience self massage, even your hubby and your family member can do for you. It is safe and effective
and less stressful and avoid discomfort during pregnancy and labour. It natural ingredients !!!

Pre Natal Gift Convenience Set
1.   5ml Pre Natal Oil
2.   5ml Back Ache/Sciatica Oil
3.   5ml Varicose Vein Oil
4.   5ml Water Retention Oil
5.   5ml Cellulite Oil
6.   5ml Anti Stretch Mark Oil
7.   5ml Nausea/Morning Sickness Oil
8.   5ml Constipation Oil
9.   5ml Induction Oil
10.   5ml Perineum Oil
11.   5ml Flower Essence Bath
12. 2ml Anti Ageing Face Oil (Youth & Glow)
13. 20gm Body Scrub and Soak (Refresh & Detox)

Post Natal Gift Convenience Set
1. 5ml Post Natal Oil
2. 20gm Herbal Tummy Slim powder
3. 2gm  Herbal Pilis powder (To avoid dizziness & headache)
4. 20gm Herbal Vaginal Spa treatment
5. 5ml Lactation Oil
6. 5ml Scalp & Hair Oil (To prevent hair loss )
7. 2 pcs Handwomen Tummy BInder (10 yds each)
8. 120ml Baby Olive Massage Oil
9. 45 capsule Confinement Herbs
10. 30ml Vaginal Wash
11. 5ml Flower Essence Bath
12. 20gm Body Scrub Lulur
13. 2ml Anti Ageing Face Oil (Youth & Glow)

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